Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a Student to attend the OCFA conference in May, 2015

The Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference will be accepting sponsorship of students to attend the conference event this year.   Many students are on a strict budget and cannot afford the admission to our conference.

Your donation will admit a student who is part of the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) which initiates and provides support for high school and college students in secular organizations on campus.   Your tax-deductible donation is only $25 per student and will include the full day of lectures at the conference.

We will be working with UCI’s SSA group as well as other SSA groups in the area.

It is important to promote secular values to people in this age group and sponsor a student.  Please contribute as many student admissions as you can.  Click HERE to make your donation.  Please consider 2 or more students by clicking HERE.v

Students: If you are a student and would like to apply for a free registration, please email info@freethoughtalliance.org and mention why you would like to attend this conference.   There will probably be 8 to 12 sponsorships available.  We will notify you by Monday before the conference if you have been selected by a random draw. If you are not notified byMonday night please consider watching the on-line lectures for only $15.

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