Freethought Alliance is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Fed# 45-2771890). We operate on a very low budget and need support from the scientific and freethought community to exist. Our office expenses, webpage hosting, conference speakers fees,  and other costs do not allow us to reach as many people as we would like to.  100% of your donation will go directly to supporting science and reason.  We have zero administration costs.

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All monthly subscriptions may be cancelled at any time.

Silver Sponsor – sponsor a speaker at our next conference  $400  Donate HERE

Gold Sponsor – sponsor a speaker and their travel expenses at our next conference  $800  Donate HERE

Although we use PayPal for our donations, you may also write a check if you wish.  Send to:  Freeethought Alliance, 9782 Santiago Bvd, Villa Park, CA 92867

Why Contribute? (from LogiCal-LA 2017 attendees)

I chose to support Freethought Alliance and LogiCal-LA with my donations for the year of 2017 because I believe science education is important. Unfortunately our current government and many of our fellow citizens do not support science or science education. They don’t understand the value of science in our daily (and future) lives. As a result, it is evermore important for individuals to do what they can to support public science education and to effect change based on science.

I am sad that despite so many people attending these conferences, so few donate on a consistent basis. It takes little thought to set up a recurring donation of a few of dollars every payday or every month. If more people would take a few moments to do this, then the future of these conferences would be assured. I am moving out of the area soon and will be looking for other science education efforts to support locally near my new home. I hope others step up to support this worthy effort.
Becky Alvarez


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