OC Sunday Assembly

We were honored and proud to be the sponsors of the first Orange County Sunday Assembly on May 4th, 2014 at the same hotel we had the conference.  We are currently looking for a location which to hold more Assemblies in the OC.

What is a Sunday Assembly?

The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that celebrates life.  Our aim is to live better, help often and wonder more.  Our mission is to help everyone first discover, and then achieve their full potential.  We meet because we know we are stronger together than on our own. Each service contains great songs, inspiring talks, interesting readings which, together, refresh the soul and nourish the mind.

Come on down to sing great songs, hear inspiring talks, listen to interesting readings and, everyone’s favorite, have a cup of tea and slice of cake at the end.   Kent Martin will be our M.C., with Heina Dadabhoy and Jerry DeWitt as guest speakers.

Founded in London in January 2013 The Sunday Assembly has experienced a meteoric rise as it has tapped into a need of people across the world.

2 Responses to OC Sunday Assembly

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  2. Clark says:

    what a tremendous idea! We were thinking of this very same thing. Is the sunday gathering copyrighted? In other words could we use the same name and title to start an organization down here on the Mexican border in Texas?

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